Patented ScreenShare App Architecture

The patent awarded app architecture enables uncompromised two-way interactions of user interfaces and content streaming. While other architecture focusing TV as the reception device, ScreenShare also enables the tablet as the reception device and support bi-directional control during streaming. Screenshare (on Google Play) is a reference implementation available that enables instant wireless sharing of videos, music, photos, web pages and many types of document among phones and tablets.

The patented development tool and reference implementation is now available for license for vendors interested to have this creative solution in group sharing market segments such as: education tablet, IP TV, multi-tablet bible study, textbook study, interactive story book, car navigation, smart watch, digital glass and others. It can also be useful for business group discussion such as 2-way interactive whiteboards, group leader interactive presentations.

We are seeking channel partners to bring their business ideas to develop new markets and new usage models with the app architecture and development tools. Custom design and service are also available. Interested party can contact for additional information.

ScreenShare Architecture Introduction Video

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