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ScreenShare® Reference Implementation

ScreenShare app is a reference implementation.  It uses ScreenShare technology to allow a smartphone and a tablet to share data and user interface via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or mobile hotspots. With this sharing, user can have better viewing experience and can access internet on tablet browser through the phone cellular network. ScreenShare includes ScreenShare browser, ScreenShare organizer and ScreenShare service that manages Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection and data exchange between a phone and a tablet. ScreenSahre organizer can let you share and play your phone content (photos, videos, music, documents, etc.) to your tablet or TV (via HDMI cable) and export your phone contents to your tablet storage.

Screenshare uses some patented technologies owned by Spring Design’s parent company, QuickBiz Limited. This free application intends to showcase the patented architecture and to attract OEMs to license the technologies. It provides a subset of features and is limited to work with Android phone sharing with Android tablet. Any commercial usage for additional platforms and new features would require a separate license from Spring Design Inc.

ScreenShare app is targeted to support any phone and tablet running Android OS 2.3+, 3.x and 4.x. For best battery conservation, we recommend working with a tablet that supports reliable Bluetooth connections.

Android OS provides good compatibility support but there could be minor problems with some devices due to the manufacturing defects. We have done extensive test and the compatibility has been excellent. Please report any compatibility issue to us with our Contact Us form or from ScreenShare >Menu>feedback. We would do our best to list known compatibility issues here that cannot be fixed by Spring Design.

ScreenShare application works as a pair. We require applications to be installed on both your tablet and your phone.

Step 1: Install ScreenShare applications

Download URL  Installation for Tablet (Free)
 Installation for Phone (Free)
Documentations  Quick Start Guide
 Frequently Asked Questions

Launch ScreenShare Service

The ScreenShare Service can be accessed from ScreenShare home screen or device's top status bar.

Note: ScreenShare will not work if ScreenShare for phone is installed on tablet or vice versa.

Step 2. Set up ScreenShare connection

You can connect your phone and tablet with either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network. However, we recommend using Bluetooth for its excellent performance in conserving your battery power. Refer the step by step instruction in Quick Start Guide (see links in Step 1) to pair your table with your phone via Bluetooth then connect your tablet with your phone in ScreenShare service.

Step 3. Use ScreenShare Organizer

ScreenShare Organizer can be used at Synced mode (your phone and tablet are synced.), Cache mode (view cached phone content on your tablet) or Local mode (manage local content). You can export your phone content to your tablet storage in synced or cache mode (only cached files can be exported).


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